Present Day Post


Man oh man! Quite a task I took on….which was to transfer many of my private journal entries onto a public forum.

I also took on this project as a way to reflect on my two-year experience here in Abu Dhabi while also taking the risk of sharing my innermost thoughts on life with a public audience.

Furthermore, since I live in a middle eastern country I had to review my posts and make sure I was not breaking any laws. While living here it is important that I do not shed this country in a negative light. Why? Well it’s against the law and I could be put in jail. So I must exercise discretion when posting about my teaching and living experiences here in Abu Dhabi.

Now that I’ve edited and transferred a bulk of my old journal entries, I can get back to writing present day posts. I am very excited about this opportunity because those of you who have been following my blog can now experience the life lessons that show face on a daily basis WITH me.

Full circle moments indeed! Trust and believe, it’s been an insightful two-year experience. One filled with many ups and downs yet no regrets. I’m so thankful that I found the courage to step outside of my comfort zone because I have grown so much. I’ve traveled extensively, saved a little money, paid off my debts, and gained memories that shall last a lifetime.

With my move back to New York City in July, my departure is more sweet than bitter. Quite frankly, I’m more than ready to head back home. Lol, I miss my friends and family beyond words. I miss NORMALCY. I miss my old life. :0)

Although, I have a desire to continue teaching overseas my middle eastern curiosity has been killed. I’ve been here and done that. Fortunately, I’ve been offered a great opportunity back home that will move me into an administrative position and out of the classroom. I welcome the new challenge with open arms. Beyond that, I have a newfound appreciation for all the small things that do not exist within this foreign country. Starting with the many freedoms I’ve had to give up as a results of living in a Muslim country. No easy task!

I encourage you all to continue following my blog. It is my pledge to continue reflecting on my life experiences, sharing them with you and hopefully inspiring you to live your TRUTH with much CLARITY.

Consider these thoughts organized! ;8)


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