Happy approaching New Year! It’s that time again to think through how I plan to spend this upcoming year. I’ll tell you what…2017….. shaking my head. Man…I don’t even know what to say. Although I’m looking forward to diving into 2018 and never looking back, 2017 woke me up! It got my attention and has afforded me a presence that I’ve never experienced before. So much was lost yet gained….lots of confusion yet clarity…..lies yet truth. Life! Lol. And you know what….I shall stare 2017 dead in the eye and say one simple word: THANKS. 🙏🏾❤️😌🏅💪🏾❤️🙏🏾💋. You know what’s amazing is that I’m still here pushing forward. There was a time this year when I was feeling hopeless and no lie the feeling sneaks up and taps me on the shoulder from time to time. Truth! But I’ve never understood true resiliency until 2017…..it’s a muscle I’ve had to exercise DAILY and will continue to exercise DAILY. Additionally, forgiveness….. gratitude….unconditional love……humility………surrender…..trust…faith….hope……just to name a few more 🙏🏾❤️🎈🌹. I approach 2018 with an open mind. I approach 2018 with an open heart. I welcome any and all possibilities as I move through 2018. As I walk confidently into the direction of the unknown, my goal is pretty specific: LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.

Let’s be specific!

⁃ Read more (at least one book a month)

⁃ Workout more (at least 5 times a week)

⁃ Write more (at least 5 times a week)

⁃ Be still and receive (be happy don’t do happy)

This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY! And so it is :0)

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  1. I love that Anthony! Straight from the heart ❤️
    All the very best for 2018! Be awesome and have the best year ever my friend xxx CJ

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