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Life Goals (BIG & small)

  • Travel and serve in Africa 
  • Fall in love ❤️ 
  • Become a Teacher 👨‍🏫 
  • Become an Assistant Principal 
  • Start my own school (Principal)
  • Live in New York 
  • Live in Atlanta 
  • INSPIRE youth in underserved communities 
  • Maintain a healthy gym routine 
  • Make friends around the world 
  • Become a Father 
  • Continuously operate beyond my comfort zone 
  • Appreciate my family 
  • Make six figures times ten. Networth of over 10 million. I’ll take more more! 
  • Stay true to my passion and purpose 
  • Keep moving 
  • Turn off the television 
  • Keep up with my cycling 
  • Discover relief for my feet 
  • Be my own boss 
  • Start my own business 
  • Write a book 
  • Become a motivation speaker 
  • Train teachers 
  • PHD in something 
  • Be open to love again 
  • Not become a statistic within the black gay community 
  • Leave a legacy behind that rings in the ears of many 
  • No drinking at home alone 
  • Read 12 books a year minimum 
  • Walk, skip, jump to the beat of my own dream and do it unapologetically 
  • Own a fun car: something with a drop top!
  • Moped or motorcycle on the side
  • Establish a savings account that affords me financial freedom. 500,000 plus! Times 10!
  • But my mother a house of her own
  • Create careers for others 
  • Explore and participate in New and different things
  • Attend a motivational conference 
  • Travel to all seven continents 
  • Wake up and say THANK YOU
  • Just keep swimming 
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Be Kind to Yourself 

Side eye… hand on the hip…. mouth wide open…..twist of the neck….and lots of attitude! ……….wait for it…. speak MAMA RU!

Isn’t funny how our emotions work? One minute the world feels like it’s going to end and the next minute you feel compelled to serve Beyoncé realness. 

As I bring the microphone to my lips and open up my 👄, I take in a mouthful…. OF AIR! Y’all nasty. Lol. And allow my vocal chords to do the rest. Oh… ya’ll thought I was going to actually starting singing? You’ve got the wrong blog!

I’ve revealed more than I ususally do these past few posts and I must say it’s been liberating. The overwhelming support has reminded me to ensure I’m also being kind, loving and supportive to myself. So interesting how we forget to do such a simple thing. 

I’ve recently started going to a counselor. Yes! I know….it’s still hard for me to admit it but hell I’m going to a damn counselor….and I’m unapologetic. And even better it’s covered by my insiurance. Lol. Anyway…….usually at the end of every session I try to walk away with some mantra that I can put into practice throughout the week. And this week…. you guessed right.


I don’t know where this journey shall take me. I surrender chile! I mean literally, I have handed over the car keys and fastened my humble ass in the passenger seat of life. SOURCE take the wheel. My GPS is off… hell my cellphone is off. I clasp my hands together, throw my head out of the car window and look up to the sky. I simply close my eyes and say thank you. This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY and so it is friends. 

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Moving with Life (5 Month Update)


This shit ain’t easy folks! It’s been five months since my return to the USA from Abu Dhabi. Do I miss living overseas? Ummm for the most part…..nah! But having been gone (away from family and friends) for two solid years has had quite an impact on my life. As I’ve moved back into my typical NYC routine it amazes me how fast the rat race showed its ass.

A big reason why I decided to move overseas had a lot to do with being extremely bored with life’s routine. I needed to experience something new so I moved overseas to Abu Dhabi for two years. I’ve always welcomed new challenges into my life because they warrant change. I believe that experiencing life outside of your comfort zone is the moment when you truly begin living on purpose.

Sigh…..which brings me to my present reality. Having moved back into my comfort zone, I am now questioning my purpose once again! Furthermore, returning to my old stomping ground has not been the best experience.

Professionally, I have moved into an administrative role and I’m thankful because I am now impacting a larger audience of students. Furthermore, it feels good to be working in a different capacity beyond the classroom. Although I have exhibited much success within my current role, I don’t feel a direct connection to the schools vision. It’s simply an opportunity to develop my administrative skills so that I may one day open my own school. And for that, I am thankful.

Socially, I feel almost as alone as I did while living overseas. Lol. Don’t get me wrong…. my friends are all still here and doing well. I’m so thankful for that. However, they’ve moved on and are living their own separate lives. Everything is just so different! Lol. I meet up with folks here and there but lack consistent communication with most of them. There’s no shade. I guess that’s just what happens when you move away for two years. The people you leave behind move on with their lives.

I’m writing this post because I think it’s important to share this experience with folks who are planning to move home after living overseas for a long period of time. There are so many thought provoking moments that have happened as a result of relocating back to the USA. I’m dedicating the next handful of entries to the adjustment period that has lasted much longer than I could’ve ever expected. If there’s one thing I know to be true, that is the simple fact that I have evolved. Therefore, it’s time I let go of the past and catch up to the present moment. New experiences lay dormant in the shadows of curiosity. :0)

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Getting to Know Me


If there’s one thing I can attest to it is the fact that I have truly gotten to know mySELF. It has been time needed and I have used it to strengthen the relationship I have with self and the powers that be. I encourage every one of you to plan moments to spend WITH yourself. Cancel the idea of being BY yourself and begin to get to know your true authentic self.


As this journey winds down, I am using these final weeks to continuously reflect on all of my experiences here in eastern part of the world. In one word: Wow! It has sparked a roller coaster of emotions. I am thankful to say even in the brightest and darkest of moments, I depart affirming my ability to conquer any and all obstacles that have been and will ever be presented.

I still remember vividly dealing with a severe feeling of solitude and loneliness during my first few months of living overseas. Yes, I have met some very kind people and can say the FEW friendships I’ve created will go beyond this experience. However, genuine friendships take time. I may be smiling in all the group pictures, but there’s always been a part of me recognizing the fact that I really don’t know any of these people. THAT takes time.

As a result of the lonely moments, I had to go within and the time spent WITH myself has developed the spiritual connection I have with the energy that is greater than you and I. Sadly, my connection has never been this clear or strong while living in the States. Which speaks to why I often sought out the support and love I needed outside of myself (ie: mommy, people, and things). As much as those relationships still remain important and much appreciated, I can say I really have grown to enjoy my company. More importantly I am thankful for the understanding I now have in reference to the energy that lives within me. TEACHABLE MOMENT: A person, who feels lonely, really has stopped enjoying the company of him or herself.

Me, myself, I and SOURCE. At the end of the day, that’s all I’ve really got and the energy (GOD) that lives within will always be there to guide me through the greatest and most challenging moments life has to offer. It isn’t until you are truly without, will you begin to recognize your strengths that lie hidden and dormant. I challenge each of you to step outside of your comfort zones and get to know your truest self. It will be your ah ha moment! Trust and believe! Me, myself and I now know my TRUTH which has afforded me much CLARITY. :0)

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