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Life Goals (BIG & small)

  • Travel and serve in Africa 
  • Fall in love ❤️ 
  • Become a Teacher 👨‍🏫 
  • Become an Assistant Principal 
  • Start my own school (Principal)
  • Live in New York 
  • Live in Atlanta 
  • INSPIRE youth in underserved communities 
  • Maintain a healthy gym routine 
  • Make friends around the world 
  • Become a Father 
  • Continuously operate beyond my comfort zone 
  • Appreciate my family 
  • Make six figures times ten. Networth of over 10 million. I’ll take more more! 
  • Stay true to my passion and purpose 
  • Keep moving 
  • Turn off the television 
  • Keep up with my cycling 
  • Discover relief for my feet 
  • Be my own boss 
  • Start my own business 
  • Write a book 
  • Become a motivation speaker 
  • Train teachers 
  • PHD in something 
  • Be open to love again 
  • Not become a statistic within the black gay community 
  • Leave a legacy behind that rings in the ears of many 
  • No drinking at home alone 
  • Read 12 books a year minimum 
  • Walk, skip, jump to the beat of my own dream and do it unapologetically 
  • Own a fun car: something with a drop top!
  • Moped or motorcycle on the side
  • Establish a savings account that affords me financial freedom. 500,000 plus! Times 10!
  • But my mother a house of her own
  • Create careers for others 
  • Explore and participate in New and different things
  • Attend a motivational conference 
  • Travel to all seven continents 
  • Wake up and say THANK YOU
  • Just keep swimming 
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My FELLOW WRITERS….(feedback encouraged)


SHARE your TRUTH on the meaning of LIFE.

I INVITE you to finish the thoughts below:

LIFE is…………………..??
LIFE is NOT…………..??

Add your feedback in the comment section below…….let’s start a conversation. :0)

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Crossroads!?!!? :0/


Ways to determine which path to take in life:

1. Life is all about expanding into our zones of discomfort. It is only when one steps into unfamiliar territory will they really begin to EVOLVE mentally, physically and spiritually. To grow is to live on purpose.

2. Leaders embody the COURAGE needed to not only walk the unconventional path but EXPLORE and CONQUER unchartered territory.

3. Change your FEAR into CURIOSITY ………!

4. Ask the following question, “How may I SERVE?” Now recognize which path aligns with your purpose. To serve is to live on purpose.

5. Be still, be quiet, and listen to the SILENCE. Embedded in the silence is the voice of your source. Listen closely……your internal GPS system has been configured to speak to your best interest. Trust it!

6. Remember this: as you ponder the future, life is happening all around you. All you simply have is this moment. Be present, live your life right NOW and allow your source to lead the dance! Close your eyes and feel the PULL of life.

7. Be GRATEFUL! Recognize each opportunity (path) as a blessing and walk confidently into the direction of the unknown. :0)

As one door closes in July and another one opens in August, I catch myself sometimes pondering about what’s next to come. My EGO just loves pushing life out of the driver’s seat and taking control. Thankfully, I’ve become more aware of when this happens and recognize that I am still a work in progress. However, life has never let me down. These moments of weakness require me to ‘WALK my TALK’ and trust in my SOURCE.

I affirm the above statements to be my TRUTH my CLARITY and so it is! Now consider these thoughts organized!


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I believe that I am a child of source, energy, being, god, universe and all the above. I prefer not naming IT because I believe whatever IT is….is indescribable. There are no words (in my opinion) to describe the force that has created all that we know and beyond. Take a moment to think about the BEYOND and what that entails. Think about the planet on which we live and the solar system in which we share with other neighboring planets. Okay, now think BEYOND our solar system. I’m talking about the infinite space that exists outside of the atmosphere and makes up the universe. Can you imagine it? Heck…I can’t!


This is why I believe I am not THIS body, I am not what I have, and I most certainly am not what people think of me. I am an energy, spirit, source….whatever you want to call IT that resides within this temple (my body).


My temples feet are flat.
My temples head of hair refuses to grow back around the forehead area.
My temple has black skin.
My temple is six feet tall.
My temple has brown eyes, black hair and a unibrow! Lol


I am sure you get the picture. I say this because as I get older….I find myself becoming more and more disconnected to the THINGS and STUFF around me. Living in a remote space has afforded me lots of time to get in touch with my source and I often think about what happens when we pass on. A close friend of mine recently lost his younger sister and it was such a huge shock and reality check. It was the first time I really began to question the validity of my belief system. Naturally, I began thinking about my loved ones and the thought of losing any friend or family member would seemingly shatter my world.


However, this is where having a faith in something greater than you becomes so important. I’ve never been able to identify with any specific religion….but I do believe we all speak to, listen to, and follow the SAME source. We just all have different names for it and take different pathways to develop and maintain a relationship with our source.


I say all of this because living overseas…particularly in the Middle East keeps me abreast of international affairs. I am so taken aback by all of the violence that surrounds me. Folks….people are losing their lives. And I feel as a global community we are becoming desensitized as it refers to the loss of life. Call me crazy….but we are one community of people living together on a planet called Earth. With the array on conflicts happening around the world, I’m just very disappointed by it all.


I don’t want to be around on the day that something outside of our planet poses a threat to what we know as human life. But I will say this……it would probably take something of that magnitude for all of us to come together as ONE Global Community. Why can’t we all just get along?


We are all here for a purpose greater than the EGO and the temple in which is resides. I challenge you to start living your best life. Start thinking beyond yourself…and GIVING, SERVING and LOVING. Our time here on earth is so short…so when you wake up every morning simply say, “Thank You”.


I leave you with this thought…..

“As you take your final breath on this physical earth…..will you have any regrets and what will be your legacy?”

This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY ;8)

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