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Every day Matters!

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Happy approaching New Year! It’s that time again to think through how I plan to spend this upcoming year. I’ll tell you what…2017….. shaking my head. Man…I don’t even know what to say. Although I’m looking forward to diving into 2018 and never looking back, 2017 woke me up! It got my attention and has afforded me a presence that I’ve never experienced before. So much was lost yet gained….lots of confusion yet clarity…..lies yet truth. Life! Lol. And you know what….I shall stare 2017 dead in the eye and say one simple word: THANKS. 🙏🏾❤️😌🏅💪🏾❤️🙏🏾💋. You know what’s amazing is that I’m still here pushing forward. There was a time this year when I was feeling hopeless and no lie the feeling sneaks up and taps me on the shoulder from time to time. Truth! But I’ve never understood true resiliency until 2017…’s a muscle I’ve had to exercise DAILY and will continue to exercise DAILY. Additionally, forgiveness….. gratitude….unconditional love……humility………surrender……faith….hope……just to name a few more 🙏🏾❤️🎈🌹. I approach 2018 with an open mind. I approach 2018 with an open heart. I welcome any and all possibilities as I move through 2018. As I walk confidently into the direction of the unknown, my goal is pretty specific: LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.

Let’s be specific!

⁃ Read more (at least one book a month)

⁃ Workout more (at least 5 times a week)

⁃ Write more (at least 5 times a week)

⁃ Be still and receive (be happy don’t do happy)

This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY! And so it is :0)

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Wheel of Life

Time to dive into five year goals for each spoke of my life. They all deserve my attention. Life balance!


⁃ Take at least one international trip a year.


⁃ Don’t be afraid to open your heart up to people. The past is the past. Let it go!


⁃ Continuously feed my brain with self help books, podcasts, you tube videos and reflect via my blog. Remain aware and present. There’s only this moment right now!


⁃ Don’t ever allow distance to get in the way of your relationships with family. Continue to regularly reach out. Keep in touch.


⁃ I want to continue to exercise my multiple skills and acquire a salary well above $250,000 while doing so. I see myself in leadership via the ownership of my business. I’d like to inspire people to live their best life through motivation talks.


⁃ I’d like to completely eliminate alcohol from my diet and continue to go to the gym on a regular basis (5 or more times a week). I’d also like to find a joy in cooking healthy meals.


⁃ I’d like to acquire over $300,000 in savings. Establish a lucrative retirement/ investment account and maintain a healthy credit score well above 800. I’d like to also be paying regularly on my student loans. Heck I’d like to pay off my loans with one big payment.


⁃ Continuously challenge my professional growth by taking on new types of roles that help expand the capacity in which I am able to serve. I learn best by doing. The more skills I acquire the more marketable my brand becomes.


⁃ Cycling brings me joy. Riding at least once a week and working to increase the distance/speed in which I can cycle. Get out in nature. Be with nature.


⁃ Regularly volunteer with an organization you believe in. Make a wish foundation! Serve without pay.


⁃ You don’t have to travel to enjoy the simple things in life. Create mini quests for you to partake in at least twice a month. If it’s with yourself so be it. Otherwise, the more the merrier.

Now take all of these goals and multiply them by ten!. THINK BIGGER! LIVE BIGGER! SERVE BIGGER! LOVE BIGGER! This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY. Guess it’s time to get to work. 🤗❤️🙏🏾🎈

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Dreams vs. Goals

What are your goals in the next 5 Year’s?

⁃ I’d like to visit/serve in Africa

⁃ Establish financial security

⁃ Find a home beyond ‘my mamas house’

⁃ Bump into love again

⁃ Avoid the rat race at all costs

My Affirmations:

Africa remains to be a place I am going to visit. It’s at the top of my list. I’d like to serve/teach in some capacity (relax mother, not for two years). I appreciate and love my curiosity to explore and discover places beyond my comfort zone. Now that’s living on purpose. Man… explore the mother land, connect with the people, visit the historical sites, and to do what I do best among the underserved/privileged. Now that would be supercool!

This leads me to my goal to avoid the rat race. It’s never been my thing. It feels like such a slow death. Somehow I’ve slipped back into the race but thankfully I have an untraditional work schedule which allows for a bit of variety throughout the week. This keeps my hope alive! Some would argue that all I do is work. It’s true. It’s simply because I’ve satisfied all of my Bay Area curiosities. I’m good! Next! Lol. Okay, well the traumatic incident also didn’t help much (don’t ask). For me, when work/life balance begins to dwindle and you find yourself lacking any motivation to explore/discover….take that leap and shuffle your deck of life cards. Time is of the essence. Don’t let your days start blending into each other. Take notice! At this point of awareness, a choice needs to be made. And for some, the routine is their place of comfort and comfortable places make them happy. For me, it is not. And this is myTRUTHmyCLARITY.

Given my nomadic ways, man how I would love to find a place where I feel attached, connected, comfortable and content! Naturally, that place should be Rhode Island given my mother is there and family members. Sadly, beyond that I don’t feel like much of a Rhode Islander. Heck, half my family doesn’t. Lol. Hey……Let’s all move back to Africa! Lol. Freaking slavery…. ugh. Anyway….. I wish I felt connected to Rhode Island. I think I’ve just out grown it but truly appreciate the experience I had their as a child for the most part. Quite frankly, I feel lucky because in this world it’s way to easy to fail as a black man. Hell a black gay man! I loved ATLANTA when I went to college there. To have that type of attachment once again to a city would be great. It’s interesting to be seeking a new place of stay and have no clue where I want to go. Hell I mine as well throw a dart at a map. Lol. Man oh man. Life is so interesting. This is something I’d love to figure out in the next 5 Year’s. And if not, it’s all good. It always seems to work out as it should.

With every move my pocket is impacted. Moving is expensive and this past break up sure as hell didn’t help. To be able to maintain my healthy credit score, establish a savings account with well over $50,000. That’s $10,000 a year. I’d like to establish a Roth account. I’d like to be making over $100,000 a year. I’d also like to be paying on my student loans. I’ve even forbearing for over five years. Don’t ask. I’ve been to busy surviving. I mean winning the lottery would also be nice. Lastly, I’d love to make money beyond selling my Labor. Investing, Business, or Real Estate is something I need to begin educating myself on.

To fall in love again. Now this is a hard one but I’ll put it out there. I remember traveling the world (literally) and feeling on top of the world. However, when those ‘top of the world’ moments came I’d look to my left and then to my right and see nobody. This overwhelming feeling of ‘aloneness’ would always hit me so hard. To have it all and no one. Now that’s an aloneness I would wish on everyone. I can’t even imagine having all of the money/wealth I. The world and no one to share it with. I love companionship. I want companionship. To share these precious moments I’m having throughout my journey with someone who appreciates all of me… now that would be amazing. My heart has been severely broken but I won’t let that keep me from loving again. I can’t say I’ll spend every moment searching…for it. It’ll come if/when it comes. I’ll bump into it when it’s time. And if not, I’m getting a damn dog lol. No seriously, in five years I will be that guy who takes his dog everywhere with him and talks to him like he’s a human. Lol. His name will be Dante. Don’t judge! Hell dogs are loyal. Humph!

Dreams are only dreams until they are written down. When you write them down they become goals. Feel free to share your top five! And so it is! Thanks for reading. Sharing my truth is never easy. 🙏🏾😌🙏🏾

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Personal Mission Statement

Inspiring people to discover, believe in and achieve their greatest potential. My belief is that every person on this earth has a greatness that just needs to be ignited. Let’s light your fire together!

This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY. And so it is! What’s your personal mission statement? Feel free to share!

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Top 5 Values

It’s interesting how these tend to change as I move through the chapters of my life. Currently, this is where am I……






This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY. Feel free to share your top 5 Values below! And so it is! 🤓

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Dear Self,

I get that your desire is to locate a second job for supplemental income. However, I need for you to think BIGGER. Maybe you’re not able to find the job you seek because it has yet to be created. Use this time to tap into your passion inorder to create a purposeful yet lucrative second income for yourself. Think bigger! Be bolder! And do NOT let money cloud your judgment. If you settle for less than you deserve, you’ll get even less than what you settled for. Hard was never easy and easy will never be hard. Hiya! So exercise your creative juices and believe that this to shall come. And so it freakin is! This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY. 



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Life Goals (BIG & small)

  • Travel and serve in Africa 
  • Fall in love ❤️ 
  • Become a Teacher 👨‍🏫 
  • Become an Assistant Principal 
  • Start my own school (Principal)
  • Live in New York 
  • Live in Atlanta 
  • INSPIRE youth in underserved communities 
  • Maintain a healthy gym routine 
  • Make friends around the world 
  • Become a Father 
  • Continuously operate beyond my comfort zone 
  • Appreciate my family 
  • Make six figures times ten. Networth of over 10 million. I’ll take more more! 
  • Stay true to my passion and purpose 
  • Keep moving 
  • Turn off the television 
  • Keep up with my cycling 
  • Discover relief for my feet 
  • Be my own boss 
  • Start my own business 
  • Write a book 
  • Become a motivation speaker 
  • Train teachers 
  • PHD in something 
  • Be open to love again 
  • Not become a statistic within the black gay community 
  • Leave a legacy behind that rings in the ears of many 
  • No drinking at home alone 
  • Read 12 books a year minimum 
  • Walk, skip, jump to the beat of my own dream and do it unapologetically 
  • Own a fun car: something with a drop top!
  • Moped or motorcycle on the side
  • Establish a savings account that affords me financial freedom. 500,000 plus! Times 10!
  • But my mother a house of her own
  • Create careers for others 
  • Explore and participate in New and different things
  • Attend a motivational conference 
  • Travel to all seven continents 
  • Wake up and say THANK YOU
  • Just keep swimming 
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Hey fellow writers! I always wonder how many people actually read these posts? Then I wonder why I do I actually care? I mean my purpose for writing is for me to reflect on my truth my clarity. If my journey inspires others …. great! If not… eh… it is what it is. No shade…. wink. 

Sorry folks, today’s a funky kind of day. Heck I’m just tired and it’s myTRUTHmyCLARITY. Lol. I’ve found myself trying to keep busy in order to avoid the present matters at hand. Sigh…. I’m tired just thinking about it. I keep hearing ‘one day at a time’ but these days are wearing me out! Lol. It’s interesting because I feel this need to ‘keep swimming’ 🏊 but lately I’m feeling more compelled to simply float. I’m doing all this swimming and haven’t a clue which direction I should even be headed in. Round and round I go wondering why I’m chasing my tail. The other day it dawned on me to actually stop swimming and come up for some damn air. Like literally take my head up out of the water! Well damn! Didn’t realize I was actually swimming/exhibiting in a fishbowl of emotions which speaks to why I’ve been suffocating. 

I’m tired friends….and just feel this need to float calmly in the ripples of my emotions. As I lay on my back and look up out of the fishbowl I wonder what’s out there? How do I get myself out of this bowl of emotions. My desire to change goes beyond buying a filter and changing the water. I want more than this bowl…I want to be able to leap out of this bowl and float through the winds of possibility. I want to feel free of all the pain and sorrow. I lay here floating….. feeling to tired to swim. It’s so hard to just be still but know I must if ever I am to restore my fire 🔥 to persevere. I float freely……just being with self and having faith that one day I’ll be restored enough to take the leap of LIFE out of the bowl and into the unknown. This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY. And so it is….I FLOAT. :0)

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