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Wheel of Life

Time to dive into five year goals for each spoke of my life. They all deserve my attention. Life balance!


⁃ Take at least one international trip a year.


⁃ Don’t be afraid to open your heart up to people. The past is the past. Let it go!


⁃ Continuously feed my brain with self help books, podcasts, you tube videos and reflect via my blog. Remain aware and present. There’s only this moment right now!


⁃ Don’t ever allow distance to get in the way of your relationships with family. Continue to regularly reach out. Keep in touch.


⁃ I want to continue to exercise my multiple skills and acquire a salary well above $250,000 while doing so. I see myself in leadership via the ownership of my business. I’d like to inspire people to live their best life through motivation talks.


⁃ I’d like to completely eliminate alcohol from my diet and continue to go to the gym on a regular basis (5 or more times a week). I’d also like to find a joy in cooking healthy meals.


⁃ I’d like to acquire over $300,000 in savings. Establish a lucrative retirement/ investment account and maintain a healthy credit score well above 800. I’d like to also be paying regularly on my student loans. Heck I’d like to pay off my loans with one big payment.


⁃ Continuously challenge my professional growth by taking on new types of roles that help expand the capacity in which I am able to serve. I learn best by doing. The more skills I acquire the more marketable my brand becomes.


⁃ Cycling brings me joy. Riding at least once a week and working to increase the distance/speed in which I can cycle. Get out in nature. Be with nature.


⁃ Regularly volunteer with an organization you believe in. Make a wish foundation! Serve without pay.


⁃ You don’t have to travel to enjoy the simple things in life. Create mini quests for you to partake in at least twice a month. If it’s with yourself so be it. Otherwise, the more the merrier.

Now take all of these goals and multiply them by ten!. THINK BIGGER! LIVE BIGGER! SERVE BIGGER! LOVE BIGGER! This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY. Guess it’s time to get to work. 🤗❤️🙏🏾🎈

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Top 5 Values

It’s interesting how these tend to change as I move through the chapters of my life. Currently, this is where am I……






This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY. Feel free to share your top 5 Values below! And so it is! 🤓

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Dear Self,

I get that your desire is to locate a second job for supplemental income. However, I need for you to think BIGGER. Maybe you’re not able to find the job you seek because it has yet to be created. Use this time to tap into your passion inorder to create a purposeful yet lucrative second income for yourself. Think bigger! Be bolder! And do NOT let money cloud your judgment. If you settle for less than you deserve, you’ll get even less than what you settled for. Hard was never easy and easy will never be hard. Hiya! So exercise your creative juices and believe that this to shall come. And so it freakin is! This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY. 



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Life Goals (BIG & small)

  • Travel and serve in Africa 
  • Fall in love ❤️ 
  • Become a Teacher 👨‍🏫 
  • Become an Assistant Principal 
  • Start my own school (Principal)
  • Live in New York 
  • Live in Atlanta 
  • INSPIRE youth in underserved communities 
  • Maintain a healthy gym routine 
  • Make friends around the world 
  • Become a Father 
  • Continuously operate beyond my comfort zone 
  • Appreciate my family 
  • Make six figures times ten. Networth of over 10 million. I’ll take more more! 
  • Stay true to my passion and purpose 
  • Keep moving 
  • Turn off the television 
  • Keep up with my cycling 
  • Discover relief for my feet 
  • Be my own boss 
  • Start my own business 
  • Write a book 
  • Become a motivation speaker 
  • Train teachers 
  • PHD in something 
  • Be open to love again 
  • Not become a statistic within the black gay community 
  • Leave a legacy behind that rings in the ears of many 
  • No drinking at home alone 
  • Read 12 books a year minimum 
  • Walk, skip, jump to the beat of my own dream and do it unapologetically 
  • Own a fun car: something with a drop top!
  • Moped or motorcycle on the side
  • Establish a savings account that affords me financial freedom. 500,000 plus! Times 10!
  • But my mother a house of her own
  • Create careers for others 
  • Explore and participate in New and different things
  • Attend a motivational conference 
  • Travel to all seven continents 
  • Wake up and say THANK YOU
  • Just keep swimming 
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Be Kind to Yourself 

Side eye… hand on the hip…. mouth wide open…..twist of the neck….and lots of attitude! ……….wait for it…. speak MAMA RU!

Isn’t funny how our emotions work? One minute the world feels like it’s going to end and the next minute you feel compelled to serve Beyoncé realness. 

As I bring the microphone to my lips and open up my 👄, I take in a mouthful…. OF AIR! Y’all nasty. Lol. And allow my vocal chords to do the rest. Oh… ya’ll thought I was going to actually starting singing? You’ve got the wrong blog!

I’ve revealed more than I ususally do these past few posts and I must say it’s been liberating. The overwhelming support has reminded me to ensure I’m also being kind, loving and supportive to myself. So interesting how we forget to do such a simple thing. 

I’ve recently started going to a counselor. Yes! I know….it’s still hard for me to admit it but hell I’m going to a damn counselor….and I’m unapologetic. And even better it’s covered by my insiurance. Lol. Anyway…….usually at the end of every session I try to walk away with some mantra that I can put into practice throughout the week. And this week…. you guessed right.


I don’t know where this journey shall take me. I surrender chile! I mean literally, I have handed over the car keys and fastened my humble ass in the passenger seat of life. SOURCE take the wheel. My GPS is off… hell my cellphone is off. I clasp my hands together, throw my head out of the car window and look up to the sky. I simply close my eyes and say thank you. This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY and so it is friends. 

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I’m curious to know how my fellow followers and readers feel about LIFE. I want to know……What is your TRUTH about the meaning of LIFE? I challenge you take one minute……just one……come oooooon……..ok maybe two……and try not to just simply hit the LIKE button…….I know…..I know…LIKING is so easy…..AND COMMENTING takes just a little more effort lol………but I INVITE you to respond to the following:

How might you define L…..I…..F…….E….?





When pondering the acronym of LIFE….what comes to mind for me is the following:

Living on PURPOSE
Invested in the UNKNOWN
Fulfilling my DESTINY
Even when my CURIOSITY is challenged by the fear of my EGO.

Your turn!!! ………..your COMMENTARY is warranted.

Furthermore…..ENCOURAGED. :8)

Thanking you in advance for sharing your thoughts. ;0)


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Feelings come and go…….. :0)



People often think, if I allow myself to feel this, I’ll never stop.

The truth is, that true authentic feelings move through us in waves, and most don’t last more than a few minutes.

If you’re experiencing feelings that persist for hours or days, there is likely a different feeling underneath that is needing to be felt and expressed.


Consider these thoughts organized. :8)

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Trust Yourself


I can’t believe it happened. I’m driving home from work on the long stretch of highway that connects the town I work in. It has always been my worst nightmare because there’s nothing on the long stretch of road other than sand and lots of it! So GOD forbid there’s an emergency and you need help, it would take forever for someone to locate you.

So I’m driving along and typically there are gusts of wind that bounce my Hyundai Accent around but this time it felt a little different. I was doing about 75 miles per hour and I couldn’t seem to get control of my car. It was swerving left to right, right to left and it just didn’t feel right. Then it hit me, something’s wrong. I pullover and check the tires. Ugh! The back tire was flat. Now, thankfully all of the teachers that work in the same town take the exact same route home. However, I’m usually the first one out the school building so I knew it’d be a while before I saw any teachers zoom by in their cars.

I get out the car and asses the tire. I then open the trunk and assess the tools. Sigh! I’ve never done this before, mind you under the hot desert sun! I get the crane thingy thing that lifts the car thingy thing. Lol. I place it under the car and look for the stick thingy thing that you turn so that the crane thing will lift the car up. As I begin to twist the stick thing, the car begins to lift. Success! Now I look for the thing that takes the screws or lugs or things off the tire. As I search for it, I notice the crack of my ass is beginning to sweat through my khaki pants. Sigh! I get dirt all over my clothes and accept the fact that I’m not getting out of this clean. Cars are zooming by and wait….? Yeap there goes a teacher. He didn’t stop! Shade! I find the lug wrench thing and try to loosen the lugs or whatever they are called but the tire spins every time I try to turn them. It hits me! Ugh! You’re supposed to do this before lifting the car. Clearly the weight of the car would keep the tire from spinning as I loosen the screws, or lugs, or whatever they are called. I lower the car and as its being lowered, I realized my white polo is soaked in sweat. I got sand in my left contact and I’m simply just over all of it!

The car is finally on the ground; I loosen the things and then prepare to lift the car again. Thirty minutes have passed along with two other teachers. Shaaaade! I pull the tire off of the car and in doing so I trip over my flip fop and fall into the dirt. Lol. I retrieve the new tire, feeling somewhat successful and begin to put it in place. Once it’s positioned I debate on whether or not I should lower the car before trying to tighten the screws. I ponder….I sip my water and yeap there goes another car full of teachers! Shhhaaaaaadddeee! I keep the car lifted and begin tightening the screws but then the car wobbles a bit on top of the crane thingy…oh lord…lol. I continue tightening slowly using all my strength to make sure they are secure. I lower the car, say a prayer and hope the wheel will not fall of when I drive away.

As I put the old tire in the trunk, I noticed this huge hole. Clearly a nail had punctured the tire. However, I felt victorious as I attempted to find the lesson in all of this mess. I then realized that you tend to discover your greatest strengths when you are put into an uncomfortable situation and you only have yourself to count on. Even when you think you may need help, give yourself the opportunity to be successful on your own. You are your best cheerleader! Remember that! Woop woop! This is my TRUTH my CLARITY!

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