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Life Goals (BIG & small)

  • Travel and serve in Africa 
  • Fall in love ❤️ 
  • Become a Teacher 👨‍🏫 
  • Become an Assistant Principal 
  • Start my own school (Principal)
  • Live in New York 
  • Live in Atlanta 
  • INSPIRE youth in underserved communities 
  • Maintain a healthy gym routine 
  • Make friends around the world 
  • Become a Father 
  • Continuously operate beyond my comfort zone 
  • Appreciate my family 
  • Make six figures times ten. Networth of over 10 million. I’ll take more more! 
  • Stay true to my passion and purpose 
  • Keep moving 
  • Turn off the television 
  • Keep up with my cycling 
  • Discover relief for my feet 
  • Be my own boss 
  • Start my own business 
  • Write a book 
  • Become a motivation speaker 
  • Train teachers 
  • PHD in something 
  • Be open to love again 
  • Not become a statistic within the black gay community 
  • Leave a legacy behind that rings in the ears of many 
  • No drinking at home alone 
  • Read 12 books a year minimum 
  • Walk, skip, jump to the beat of my own dream and do it unapologetically 
  • Own a fun car: something with a drop top!
  • Moped or motorcycle on the side
  • Establish a savings account that affords me financial freedom. 500,000 plus! Times 10!
  • But my mother a house of her own
  • Create careers for others 
  • Explore and participate in New and different things
  • Attend a motivational conference 
  • Travel to all seven continents 
  • Wake up and say THANK YOU
  • Just keep swimming 
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Feelings come and go…….. :0)



People often think, if I allow myself to feel this, I’ll never stop.

The truth is, that true authentic feelings move through us in waves, and most don’t last more than a few minutes.

If you’re experiencing feelings that persist for hours or days, there is likely a different feeling underneath that is needing to be felt and expressed.


Consider these thoughts organized. :8)

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Food for THOUGHT


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I AM………


I am what am…………because of what I am not.
I am not what I am……….because of what is.
What is not is what it is……..because of what I am.
I am what is…………..because of my connectedness to right now.
The now that I am…….is what it is…………because time does not really exist.
Time isn’t yesterday or tomorrow it is right now…………just as I am!
Yet ego, kicks and screams yelling…….”but I WAS and I’m THEN”.
My awareness looks back at ego and mouths……you are not because I am PRESENT.
I am because of what I am not which makes me one with with my source.
Without source, I live not on purpose.
Without source, it is not possible.
Without source, connectedness to my internal GPS system ceases to exist.
Without source, these words fail to articulate the ‘complexities’ of the ego that is constantly working to corrupt the synapses within my brain WHICH WILL INTURN empower my EGO.
However, in stillness….I am AWARENESS.
Enveloped within my awareness lies a spiritual being having a human experience.
I…….am……….LIFE…..and I stand separate from all of its complexities.
I stand with my source because this is when….I truly AM!

myTRUTHmyCLARITY: As I move through this journey called LIFE…..(I believe)……I AM……is an extension of source energy which will continue to guide and support me as I walk confidently into the direction of the unknown.


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