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Reverse Culture Shock is REAL

It’s been about a month since my return back to NYC from Abu Dhabi. It’s hard to say how I have been feeling because it’s a mix of emotions.

On one hand I’m thrilled to be home and it feels so good to be among fellow Americans. Exercising the many freedoms that come along with my American status keeps me grounded each and everyday. I’m closer to my family and friends which is comforting beyond words. I have a job that is expanding my skill set and affords me a comfortable lifestyle. Lastly, it just feels so damn good to be home.

On the other hand, life has moved on during my time living overseas and it’s been a struggle finding my rhythm. I feel like I’m playing catch up and on top of that I feel disconnected. It’s so weird! Lol. Loneliness likes to creep up on me quite often and it’s odd because I don’t feel nearly as alone as I did overseas. This whole reverse culture shock thing is interesting. There truly are no words but it is something I’m working through.

I’ve been hitting up the gym, attending hot yoga, focusing on work, and attempting to reconnect with old friends. But I won’t lie….my relationships have changed. It’s all so familiar yet new and different at the same time. I recognize I need to just let go of the memory of what once was and start creating my new reality.

Again, being back home in the states is a breath of fresh air! However, I’ve already started thinking about my next trip overseas. Lol. But this time it’ll just be for a week or two. No more year long programs for me!

There’s a time for everything. Everything in its time. I just need to be patient and allow myself to feel what I’m feeling and then let it go. I guess in the interim all I can do is just be here right now. :0)

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