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R.A.W but R.E.A.L


As I sit here and think about the wonderful time I had with my mother, I try to control my emotions. Quite frankly, I am feeling sad. Sad because obviously I will miss my mom……and once again I will feel the loneliness that continuously shows itself at the most random moments out here in this foreign world. I have met wonderful people but they don’t know me and I don’t know them. That type of relationship takes time and energy and effort and you get the picture. Lol.

However, I am smart enough to know I am not alone. I trust in an energy, spirit, being, godliness that WILL continuously be with me and guide me with purpose. Because I now live my life asking, “How may I serve?” I know that I will be okay. I continuously aim to be an instrument of thy peace which affords me the unique ability to surrender! It affords me the ability to be present in the moment. I recognize that I embody the love and support of a higher power greater than myself. I am loved by my family and wonderful friends. I am them, they are me. I am it, it is me. We are one. I am smart enough to know that I truly am not alone. More importantly, I recognize that I am here for a purpose greater than myself. I BELIEVE this to be true.

I recognize that my emotions are simply a reaction to my thinking. I am not my negative thoughts. I am not my negative thinking. My EGO continuously wants, desires, and will do any and everything to steer me off course (as its done in the past). :0/

I notice it stands before me with a slight smirk on its face. In this moment, I realize we are not playing for the same team. As I keep my distance I notice my EGO holding something in both of its hands. I can’t really make it out but I believe in my EGOs right hand is a waving flag with a picture of my friends and family printed on both sides. I squint a little harder and notice in my EGOs left hand is a plane ticket home. Lol. My EGO simply wont give up! Lol

What my EGO doesn’t realize is that I know I am the AWARENESS that recognizes my EGO at work. Because I now know better, I am able to see things as they truly are! Call it faith, call it a knowing, heck call it GODs glasses. I close my ego-tainted eyes, search within, ask for guidance and then open my eyes.

Wow! I can see now. It’s so much clearer. Yes, it is my friends and family printed on that flag but as I look closer I notice everybody who loves me standing proudly with huge smiles on their faces. I can’t help but notice they are all wearing green shirts that read, “Do you!” in white letters. Ahhh yes, they are all cheering for me, giving me two thumbs up. Oh and there’s my mom right up front looking so proud!

Oh and wait! That’s no plane ticket. There in my EGOs left hand lies an envelope. I walk right up to my ego, reach for the envelope, open it up and inside of it is a blue post it. There are three puffy clouds that have been draw onto the post it. Above the clouds there’s a message that reads, “The sky is not the limit, keep going”. I place the post it inside the envelope, and rest it on my heart. I begin drifting away from my EGO. My negative thoughts are retracting and I feel at peace. I feel contentment. I feel a HUGE sense of gratitude. I recognize that this moment in Abu Dhabi will be over before you know it. “Anthony embrace the experience, your work here isn’t finished yet!” Let the journey continue!

So RAW, yet so real. Mom, thank you for visiting me in this foreign country. It was so needed!

Consider these thoughts organized! :0)

As I think, so shall I be.


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A Letter to my mother…..

Dated: December 23, 2013


Dear Mom,

Well, it’s safe to say, you’re now an international traveler! Our adventure to Al Ain, Dubai, Al Gharbia, and Abu Dhabi City all have been unforgettable! I can’t even begin to express how much I have enjoyed your company. So many memories have been created and now I am able to walk the streets of United Arab Emirates and see your face everywhere! What a feeling!

I most certainly will never be able to look at a camel without falling to my knees and laughing out loud. Your footprints may be covered in the desert sands, but I know they exist deep beneath the surface. Although the sheesha remains lit without your presence, the scent of the dry grape leaves you exhaled lingers in the atmosphere. The bitter cold in the Dubai Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, and Mall of the Emirates will always bring back the warm memory of our time shopping on a budget. The Burj Khalifa stands high above the buildings of Dubai checking to make sure your foot injury is okay. Global Village demands our return, begging for us to walk the through the souks in my kindora and you in your abaya. The police in Madinat Zayed want your address. They’re eager to send you a thank you note. They loved the sweet dates from you and I. My living accommodations have been upgraded to a 4 bedroom condo located in the city (lol…wink). Aziz and Imran await their new birth certificates indicating you are their american mother. The falcon that you took pictures with demands a retake. He wasn’t ready. Bumpy rides in SUVs will be a memory never forgotten, your laughter continues to be heard throughout the desert. Lol. I could go on but you get the picture. So many memories created and I must say a joy it all has been.

I am so lucky to have a mom who is willing to step onto a plane and travel to a foreign country. A mom who is willing to wait in a line for 5 hours. A mom who is willing to walk the streets of London by herself with a broken foot! A mom who will take three planes and exercise humility in her most vulnerable moments in order to get safely to her son. A mom who is willing to embrace a different culture and supportive of her sons journey. Best of all, a mom who is filled with unconditional love.

These precious moments shared with you will surely carry me across the International Teaching/Living finish line. Until next time, I love you and miss you already. This visit and time together was much needed!

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

Your Son :0)

December 23, 2013

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MY mind + My body = My thoughts

I came across this quote today and couldn’t believe how deeply it touched my soul.

Living in a foreign country, and experiencing this journey has provided me with a lot of thinking time. Sometimes, a little too much thinking time! But if there’s one thing that I’ve noticed, it’s the idea that I am a product of my thinking.

I have a choice: I can focus my mind on how much I miss what’s familiar to me and get sad, feel lonely, and be depressed. Or I can continue to embrace this experience and make the most of it while I am here.

As I think, so shall I be.

I will walk away from this journey inspired, enlightened, motivated, eager, and most importantly at peace with my life and its direction.

I have always talked about starting my school and my intention remains to create a safe space for underprivileged students to acquire the skills they need to achieve their greatest dreams. I do not know how this will happen, I do not know where, or even when but I do know that it will happen on time.

The human mind can be a tricky obstacle to navigate but know that you are the awareness that has the power to change your own thinking.

As I think, so shall I be!

I now know one of the many secrets to living a purposeful life. ;o)

Consider these thoughts organized!


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Live Uncomfortably!

Everyday I wake up, I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across this opportunity to teach overseas. I never had the financial means to even consider experiencing the things I have done since arriving in this foreign country (back in 2012).

This journey continues to be one that is filled with many surprises but I have surrendered to the experience. I am finally in a peaceful place and have accepted not knowing what’s around the corner of my life. No fear, no regrets, no need to be in control. This new approach to life has opened doors I never even new existed. I feel free, I feel alive, I feel happy. And so it is!



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Great Teachers Inspire


– He walks into the classroom, shakes my hand, and takes his seat.

– He places his notebook and three sharpened pencils onto his desk.

– He writes his heading along with todays learning objective at the top of a blank page within his notebook.

– He begins the opening activity without being prompted.

– He actively listens and participates throughout the lesson.

– His class notes are legible and he is able to explain and discuss what he is writing down in his notebook.

– He uses a special sign/gesture indicating to the teacher that he needs a five minute break.

– He returns to the classroom (without incident) and quietly begins his independent practice assignment.

– He continues to work quietly and is eager to share his responses with his peers.

– The teacher has him come up to the front of the room to share/celebrate his work with the class.

– He returns to his seat and respectfully asks the teacher to check him off for completing his work.

– The end of the period arrives and he runs up to the teacher eager to receive his color for the day!

– The teachers asks him what he thinks his color should be and why?

– He responds by saying GREEN because I did my best all day!

– He smiles when the teacher agrees and marks the green color onto his behavior sheet.

– The student startles his teacher as he begins jumping up and down.

– He then waves goodbye to his teacher.

– The teacher smiles and then calls the student back into the classroom and says, “Now that I’ve seen you at your best, I expect no less! Continue to raise the bar.”

It is times like these, I KNOW I am doing exactly what I was designed to do. TEACH. This profession isn’t easy by any means. Not only are we expected to TEACH but we must also CREATE an environment that is CONDUCIVE to LEARNING. Furthermore, teachers must find a way to CONNECT with EVERY student in the classroom and FOSTER a HEALTHY relationship. It is no easy task. However, today I CELEBRATE because I have made a breakthrough with my most challenging student. There is a MUTUAL respect that now exists between us both.

What’s my secret? The relationship I was able to establish is the key. And understand that it took time to get the key to open the door. Don’t force it, just look for opportunities to connect with the student outside of your role as an educator. Swallow your pride, check your ego at the door, establish clear boundaries and show him/her that you care. It will all pay off, just give it time.

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imageLast October, I had the honor and privilege of celebrating my 31st birthday and it was a very special day. It was filled with gratitude because I have so much to be thankful for. One thing I am especially thankful for is experiencing thirty-one years old in this healthy and fully functional body. Many have not made it to this age which is why I celebrate (not dread) being a year older. I am thirty-one, not twenty-five, not twenty-eight… I am thirty one…….so get into it. :0) I embrace the number of years I’ve been afforded to spend in this physical body and I look forward to meeting up with thirty-two. :0)

One promise I made in my twenties, was for my thirties to be a completely different experience. I did not want to relive my twenties for another ten years. I truly believe there is a beauty in getting older and India Arie would also agree. If I were to do the same ‘old’ things I did in my twenties, I wouldn’t afford myself the opportunity to evolve on a spiritual, physical, and/or emotional level. As one evolves, an abundance of wisdom shall follow. Therefore, to wake up on October 4th in a completely foreign space was such a delight. I am living in a country that challenges my thinking, values, ideals and beliefs. My ability to be flexible, patient, reflective and tolerant is challenged moment to moment. Each day brings about a new level of understanding and I am experiencing (first hand) the true beauty in growing older and wiser.

BEWARE: Do not become consumed by the EGO. The moment this happens one may become obsessed with their physical body (looking youthful) and forget about inner self. Inner-self is often referred to as the ‘formless’. The ‘formless’ is you. YOU are spirit. Spirit is an extension of your SOURCE. Know this! YOU are not the body that stares back at you in the mirror. Your spirit is simply renting a space within a physical form that people recognize as the human body. Don’t allow your physical form to distract your spirit from evolving into something greater as each year passes you by.

Ones birthday should be a day of reflection and gratitude. If your years are blending together, then you may be reading and rereading the same old chapters of your life. I challenge you to move on! A purposeful life incorporates two key components: finding a way to be a better person than you were on yesterday AND to serve with love. Listen folks…….turn the page and allow the next chapter of your life to create itself. Time is of the essence. Throw your hands up, and receive the truth and clarity that comes along with growing older and wiser.

Consider these thoughts organized! :0)


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Sit down and BE STILL ;0)


Do you ever stop and take in your SURROUNDINGS? Is there ever a moment when the stillness of the EARTH catches your attention? Do you ever find yourself thinking about the greatness of what really IS going on all around you? I’m not talking about things that are viewed through the lens of the ‘huMAN’. I am referring to everything else that exists beyond what we have come to know and understand.

As I was driving to work one morning, the stillness of the earth caught my third eye. How was this possible? Well imagine yourself on an airplane. You’re 30,000 feet up in the sky and traveling over 500 mph. Yet, it doesn’t feel like you’re moving that fast until you hit a bit of turbulence. Suddenly, your attention shifts directly to the movement of the plane because now your senses have heightened!

That morning my senses were heightened by the simultaneous movement of the EARTH around the SUN (as it rose above horizon) and the MOON around the earth as it began to disappear in the distance. I sensed earth moving in that very moment. As I pulled my car over and continued to observe this magical moment, I began feeling so present in that very moment. It was perfect! The moon was disappearing in my front window, the sun was rising in my rearview mirror and there I was observing my SOURCE doing what it does best: NOTHING yet EVERYTHING all at once. There was a serenity that consumed my body and my EGO didn’t know what to do other than run and hide. As the peacefulness moved throughout my body, it was if the sun and moon were adjusting my spiritual frequency. I could feel the energy of both forces pulling on me simultaneously, stripping me of today’s to-do list and life’s challenges. I felt so consciously aware. I felt awake. I felt free. I felt an abundance of peace in that moment and it felt mighty ‘GoOD’!

Why does any of this matter? Well Folks, life can wear you out! Therefore, Inviting stillness into your space helps to minimize the infamous mind chatter. Suddenly, everything will seem so small, so easy. Open your eyes! No, really open your THIRD eye and recognize that you are a space of consciousness/awareness in this world that we call earth. YOU are the observer of what’s being observed. Really take that in….and sit with it. In order for you to be aware of the space in which you inhabit, sit down somewhere, open your mouth, breathe in/out and just be STILL. Sounds easy right? Then what are you waiting for…….? :0)

I am fortunate enough to be greeted with a beautiful sunrise at the beginning of the day and a memorable sunset at the end of the day. These moments are great reminders for me to be STILL, be PRESENT, and to be NOW. I challenge you to go to a park and be with a tree. Or go to the beach and be with the water. Or pull your car over and be with the sun. Or sit in your garden and be with your flowers. Whatever you decide to do, just be sure you are not thinking. Focus on your breathing and the beauty that surrounds you. Your sources voice resides in the silence……and get this you never have to make an appointment with your source.

Give your mind the break it deserves and needs! ALLOW yourself to be still, be present, and be now with what IS and you will begin to invite a new level of TRUTH and CLARITY into your life.

Consider these thoughts organized! :0)



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Architect your Life!

imageI love admiring the architectural beauty of sky scrapers because what was once a VISION is now a reality. I often stop and ponder……how in the heck did they do that?!!?! They are all works of art often grabbing my attention and holding it hostage. Lol. You must be wondering where I’m going with this….??

Well, once upon a time I had a VISION to teach overseas and have now made it my reality. Was it easy? No way! You may be wondering how in the heck I pulled it off. Well to be honest, making a change is never easy. I know some of you may be having the same itch I experienced a few years ago. Often described as a restlessness with your mundane routine and a desire to do something different. Not only do you find yourself wanting to make a change but people are also telling you to do something about. Sigh! And you know this!…..but they just don’t seem to understand that it can be difficult to take that first step. Furthermore, figuring out which direction to go in can be even more overwhelming.

Do I go back to school? Do I change jobs? Do I end my relationship!? Do I really want to bring this person into my life? Should I move to the city!? Should I turn down the job?! Should I quit school? Should I move back home? You name it! Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Here’s the secret, you must be the architect and be open to receiving a clear vision that represents the skyscraper of your life. Often times, people have no vision or their vision is unclear……well……..start by picking up new hobbies. A new hobby requires doing something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable! Yes, uncomfortable! You must step outside of your comfort zone in order to discover your new truth. Recognizing new and creative ways to get aligned with your source will ensure your new vision finds you! This is often referred to as being inspired: In SPIRIT or connected to your source. It is in this space that you will begin rising from the ground like a beautiful skyscraper.

I challenge you to affirm that you are the architect of your life! Be open and ready to receive your vision. Furthermore, be willing to do the work in order to rise from the ground like a skyscraper.

Consider these thoughts organized!  ;0)



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My Truth


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