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Tried Something Newย 

  • Today I stepped outside of my comfort zone and explored a new type of entertainment. :0)
  • I feel empowered to explore something else that’s new and different next weekend.

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Favorite Quotes!

I would love for my fellow writers to share their favorite life quote. Share, share, share! 

I love qoutes because they always capture the message that is often embedded within the layer of thoughts that sometimes make it difficult to see the point that one is trying to make. If you could chose just one quote that connects to the legacy you you would like to leave behind…. what would it be? Mine is below…. And I can’t wait to see other writers qoutes. Thanks in advance for playing! 

What’s your truth?!? 

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Just writing small… WHY NOT?

I’ve made a commitment to just keep writing no matter how small. Just keep writing… Just keep writing…. And I’m compelled to embrace the time I have with family (in this case my cousin) while he is here in California. 

I’m headed to a baseball game and lord knows I am not much of a sports guys. But…. What the hell. Why not? 

This is my truth! :0)

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Habits are so hard to break and I must admit that I’m struggling with a few myself. Here are some quotes for thought. Today’s a new day. :0) 

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The Power of YES

I recently moved from NYC to the Bay Area and figured it’s time to start writing again.  As I get older, it’s getting harder to remember the small details of life’s adventure. Therefore, I must write it down and quite frankly this also serves as my ‘church time.’

I’m currently working in The East Bay (San Fransisco) with a larger charter school network as a school leader. It’s been about two months since my move and thus far I can’t complain. My job is demanding which explains why I lack the energy and motivation to write. Therefore, I’ve officially given myself permission to just write small. Even if it’s just as simple as a paragraph, write anything. And if the sprit moves me to write more, then so be it! 

My cousin is here visiting from Rhode Island with his girlfriend and I hung out with them on yesterday. We all went to a few wineries in Sonoma County. It was definitely beautiful out there and lots of wine to taste. I wasn’t a fan of the red wines but liked a few of the white wines. We also had a cute little picnic at one of the wineries and the food was delicious. It was hard for me to truly immerse myself in the experience because I was the damn driver so all I could truly do was coat my tongue and sip on a bit of wine here and there. Lord knows I wanted to swim in that shit and luxuriate out on the lawn of the different wineries like everybody else. Did I mention that I didn’t enjoy any of the Reds. Bleh! Lol. 

The day also served as a mini reunion. So basically my cousin is in a relationship with someone I went to high school with. Now during high school, she and I rarely spoke. Go figure right? So she is friends with a number of young ladies that also went to high school with us that I rarely spoke to. As you can imagine, it makes for an interesting experience given the mere fact that I thought I’d never see these people again after graduating from high school and now here we are….. in a cabin, drinking, and playing cards against humanity. I mean, need I say more. But it was a pleasant exeorience and lovely to see everyone all grown up and celebrating life. 

I’m writing this post because I have truly been operating outside of my comfort zone since I arrived in the bay area. But even in saying that I am faced to determine what is my comfort zone. Sadly, it’s being alone and away from people. I know! That’s so bad. Why does it feel easier to engage with few rather than many? I used to be very sociable, and now here I am preparing myself mentally each time I’m about to engage with people. I don’t know where his anti social behavior in coming from but it’s real my friends. Needless to say, I’m determined to keep saying YES and hopefully I will break out of this new habit of wanting to always be with myself. It’s just not very healthy and I think part of the reason I’m adopting this mindset is because I live in the suburb and my partner has been away for an extending period of time. 

Anyway, I’m rambling. Oh wait… This is my blog…. I can do that lol. 

This is my truth folks….! 

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