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My Life in Abu Dhabi 

Please feel free to visit my other personal blog at Anthony’s Abu Dhabi Journey

This is a 2-year account of my teaching/living experience in Abu Dhabi.

Enjoy! :0)

Anthony’s Abu Dhabi Journey

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2016……And so it is! ;o)

Happy New year 2016, numbers hunging by rope as puppeteer on sackcloth background.

As 2016 approaches, I am filled with a burning fire to aquire new habitual behaviors into my life. This is definitely a year of anticipated changes. I must say that I am ready and very excited! ;o)

I’ve decided to approach my resolutions with a bit of a change this year. Rather than choose one for the year, each month I’m going to introduce a new habit (maybe 2) into my life. I’ll dedicate 30 days to the new behavior and my hope is that it’ll fall into my routine and become habitual as I move into the next monthly challenge. I feel vulnerable because I am advertising my monthly commitments which means I’m certainly now going to be held accountable. I guess that’s not such a bad thing.

New Habitual Behaviors by Month:


  • Pursuit of New Knowledge – Take this month to expand knowledge base. Start by reading 1 book a week.
  • No Alcohol – 30 days without alcohol plain and simple.
  • Blogging – 1 Blog entry per week.


  • Get More Quality Sleep – Go to bed at a decent hour (10:00pm at the latest) in order to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Listen to your positive affirmations while you sleep.
  • Journal Writing – Create a book of gratitude and list at least 5 things you are thankful for every night. If you feel the need to write more….do so!
  • Hot Yoga – Attend at least 4 sessions of hot yoga each week. 20 session’s minimum for the month!

I feel compelled to add the additional months at a later date. I have to think small otherwise the thought of all these commitments might overwhelm me. ;o)


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