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Dear Self,

I get that your desire is to locate a second job for supplemental income. However, I need for you to think BIGGER. Maybe you’re not able to find the job you seek because it has yet to be created. Use this time to tap into your passion inorder to create a purposeful yet lucrative second income for yourself. Think bigger! Be bolder! And do NOT let money cloud your judgment. If you settle for less than you deserve, you’ll get even less than what you settled for. Hard was never easy and easy will never be hard. Hiya! So exercise your creative juices and believe that this to shall come. And so it freakin is! This is myTRUTHmyCLARITY. 



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HOW….to feel GREAT every single day!


Eight ways to tap into the power of intention and feel great every day:

1) Make meditation a regular practice in your life. You need to take time to get quiet, to go within, and from this silence make conscious contact with the source of intention. You’re already connected to everything that you perceive as missing from your life; go with a realign.

2) Become conscious of the foods you eat. Foods high in alkalinity such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, soy, nonyeast breads and virgin olive oil are high-energy foods and will strengthen you, while highly acidic foods such as flour-based cereals, meats, dairy and sugars lower energy and will weaken you.

3) Retreat from low-energy substance. Alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, sugar and virtually all artificial drugs, legal or otherwise, lower your body’s energy level and weaken you.

4) Become aware of the energy level of the music you listen to. Some rap music—filled with profanity and messages about killing, for example—is an energy drain, while music that has a more soothing impact on the soul has been proven to be beneficial.

5) Become aware of the energy levels of your home environment. Make your home a nurturing, cheerful and peaceful environment.

6) Reduce your exposure to low-energy commercial television. Children see 12,000 simulated murders on TV before their 14th birthday! Television news puts a heavy emphasis on the bad and the ugly, leaving out the good.

7) Enhance your energy field with photographs. Every photograph contains energy. Carry and display photos taken in moments of happiness, love and receptivity.

8) Become conscious of the energy levels of your acquaintances, friends and extended family. Choose to be in close proximity to those who are empowering, who see the greatness in you, who feel connected to spirit.

Written by my favorite spiritual teacher: Dr. Wayne Dyer

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MONEY….kick rocks!


I’d like to remind you that you are simply a piece of paper and have no power over my life. All that drives me is my desire to evolve and serve. Therefore, let me remind you to stay in your lane. I invite you into my life to provide me with the necessities to live a meaningful life. And for that, I express my gratitude.

There is an abundance of money in this world. You come in many shapes, sizes, names and denominations. Therefore, I am at peace with knowing you are likely to come in and out of my life at a moment’s notice. Needless to say, please continue to serve your purpose and only your purpose.

Please know and understand this: many of my wants and desires are at the request of my ego which craves material possessions of the physical world. My ego seems to think (like many other egos) that all the STUFF I can purchase with you shall bring it happiness. However, I recognize that happiness starts from within. There’s noTHING you can afford me that will go beyond instant gratification. I seek long-term happiness, peace, and contentment. Therefore, please back up.

I’d like to remind you that my ego is not the one signing the checks. No private meetings are ever needed between you and my ego. I’ll let you know if and when your services are required. In the interim go get spent (on foolishness) somewhere else and know that when you stay in your lane it’s much appreciated. Otherwise, ‘sit yo behind down’ in my savings account and look as pretty as possible.

P.s. The electric company and car rental office are both awaiting your arrival. The checks have been signed……you are dismissed and I love you with purpose.


SELF Awareness

By Anthony Thomas at 7:15pm |

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Crossroads!?!!? :0/


Ways to determine which path to take in life:

1. Life is all about expanding into our zones of discomfort. It is only when one steps into unfamiliar territory will they really begin to EVOLVE mentally, physically and spiritually. To grow is to live on purpose.

2. Leaders embody the COURAGE needed to not only walk the unconventional path but EXPLORE and CONQUER unchartered territory.

3. Change your FEAR into CURIOSITY ………!

4. Ask the following question, “How may I SERVE?” Now recognize which path aligns with your purpose. To serve is to live on purpose.

5. Be still, be quiet, and listen to the SILENCE. Embedded in the silence is the voice of your source. Listen closely……your internal GPS system has been configured to speak to your best interest. Trust it!

6. Remember this: as you ponder the future, life is happening all around you. All you simply have is this moment. Be present, live your life right NOW and allow your source to lead the dance! Close your eyes and feel the PULL of life.

7. Be GRATEFUL! Recognize each opportunity (path) as a blessing and walk confidently into the direction of the unknown. :0)

As one door closes in July and another one opens in August, I catch myself sometimes pondering about what’s next to come. My EGO just loves pushing life out of the driver’s seat and taking control. Thankfully, I’ve become more aware of when this happens and recognize that I am still a work in progress. However, life has never let me down. These moments of weakness require me to ‘WALK my TALK’ and trust in my SOURCE.

I affirm the above statements to be my TRUTH my CLARITY and so it is! Now consider these thoughts organized!


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Almost 2 months ago I established some personal goals for myself. These goals align with my plan to transition back into the USA in July. I already recognize the challenges I will face upon my return. One challenge being the thought of falling back into old habits and the second being the process of reintegrating myself into the western way of living. This is why I established the following goals:

3. Live within your needs

At first glance these three goals may appear to be quite simple to conquer but trust me…it’s been no easy task. Two months later, I must say it has gotten much easier but I still have my moments of weakness (especially over the weekends). Hence, this is why I call it….’doing the work’.
Being STILL has spoken largely to the idea of me not feeling like I have to be DOING something every second, minute, hour, day and or week. I have challenged myself with the task of being ok with not doing anything. Given my current placement (remote region of Abu Dhabi) there really isn’t much to DO. A typical day consists of me heading to work, the gym, and then back home. If I were to fill in the gaps, I use my transit time to read. I use my gym time to work out, reflect and write. And I use my home time as I so choose. Typically, I watch a good movie, TV show or find ways to get closer to my source (via: art, walks, meditating, saying affirmations, ECT). Many folks are probably wondering what else I do? My response noTHING! Lol. Think about it….I mean REALLY think about the last time you did noTHING by choice. Simply making YOU time a priority, BEING with your source and exercising true and authentic peace/contentment. It’s amazing how quick we associate noTHING to do with boredom which leads me to believe we need THINGS to entertain ourselves. News flash folks! We are human beings, not human doings! Lol. Sit down somewhere and be still. Furthermore, I challenge you not to ask the next person what they are DOING today….ask them how are they are BEING today. The responses are amazing….and the ones who look at you crazy are the main ones who need to rest their mind, body and soul. Afford yourself some stillness……

Being present in the moment has been difficult. Naturally my ego wants to take over because of the anticipation of my next journey in July. This moment feels a lot like the semester of college. You’re so close to the end but yet still so far. In my moments of weakness, I often think about my next apartment, car, and other silliness. Mind you…..spending all this time living in the future while my life in these moments slips on by. The only moment we will ever have is right NOW. Therefore, I have been more aware of my thoughts and when I notice my ego trying to drive me back into the past or propel into my future….I simply say “STOP IT…” out loud to myself. It snaps me out of the day DREAM. I have the time and lack of distractions to master the manipulative ways of my ego. I shall not fail!


Living within your needs forces one to rid themselves of THINGS they really do not need. Well, doing this was easy. I pretty much send home about 90 percent of my salary. Lol. So living off of a hundred dollars a week has forced me to pick and choose between my needs and wants. For example: I no longer drive to work, I take a bus provided by my company. I do not eat fast food anymore. Social time doesn’t involve spending money frivolously. I hand wash my laundry. I turned off my cable. I downgraded my rental car. And shopping is no longer a form of entertainment. Lol. I never said it was going to be easy but having been successful thus far makes me feel pretty good!


I walk away from this country around July 15. I came here with three goals and they were:
1) travel
2) pay bills
3) save money

22 months later, I feel compelled to add one more goal and that is to be a better person than I was when I left the USA August 2012. Upon my return, I don’t want to slip back into old habits. Life is all about serving on purpose and evolving. One month remains….I look forward to finishing my ‘work’ and leaving this country a better man.

Wish me luck!


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Embracing the UNKNOWN


What is this feeling of uncertainty that continues to come and go. I find myself contemplating my future knowing that my life is already mapped out for me. All I need to do is simply enjoy the ride. Yet, I still ponder the future.

Lately, I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I want to continue my journey overseas. The alternative is to go back to the states. There are a number of reasons I want to stay overseas and many reasons why I’d like to go home. However, I want to focus my attention on the bigger influences.

Remaining overseas continues to be an option because I recognize I’m doing something most people only dream about. They fear taking that first step and ultimately miss out on their opportunity. I’ve taken that first step and overcame the fear by turning it into curiosity. I’m here now and life is pretty simple without the hassle of bills and quite exciting now that I have the resources to travel the world……literally. I’m able to save a little money and I’m continuously being exposed to something new which makes me feel so alive. Additionally, I’m doing what I love and impacting the global community. I’m so grateful and truly humbled by this entire experience.

Returning home brings about a comfort, safety and peace of mind because there’s a familiarity that exists. Additionally, I’d be surrounded by my closest friends and family. The distance is the biggest challenge I face since I’ve moved overseas. There’s an “alone ness” that shows face at the most random moments. However, I’ve also recognized how much I needed this time WITH myself….it truly has brought me closer to my SOURCE. Going home feels easy, predictable, safe and quite honestly it lacks any real genuine excitement. Don’t get me wrong….reconnecting with the people I love most will clearly be worth it but I wonder where my head will be after the reunions. Will those old feelings I felt prior to moving overseas return after a few months? Will I fall back into debt? Will I feel like I cut my overseas experience to short? Sigh……….and this is a perfect example of…..MIND CHATTER!

I read somewhere that when you don’t know what to do…..just be STILL and LISTEN. It’s interesting because I’ve ALWAYS taken the road less traveled. Hell, I’m infamous for going off the path and creating my own lane. It’s always been the reaction of friends and family that let me know that I’m aligned with my PURPOSE. So when people don’t understand my choices, or question the why, or wrinkle their forehead out of curiosity and confusion……THAT’S when I know I’m aligned with doing what feels right. Because what feels right to me has always been difficult for many people to understand.

I know exactly what I want to do….but I continuously am battling with my EGO. It’s telling me to go home, settle down, work on my retirement, develop a routine, and save money for a rainy day. Be close to family and friends and acquire success by moving up the ladder of hierarchy that has been instituted across the spectrum of all fields. Why? Because EGOs recognize happiness as being connected to what you HAVE, what you DO, and how you LOOK (ECT….)……in COMPARISON to the people around you.

I love my country despise the systems of norms that are in place but if one deviates from these systems they simply will get ‘left behind’. Often referred to as the rat race…..working extra hard just to keep your head above the water. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Paying taxes, expensive healthcare, debts, bills, and the constant reminder of what you don’t have. It’s a lifestyle I have no desire of returning to right now.

Then why do I battle with the decision of returning home or staying overseas? Well…like I said I will focus on the big influences. When you have nobody to share your greatest moments with, living overseas can be a very LONELY life. I’m thankful for each and every moment I’ve experienced overseas but when I look to my left and then my right and no one is there…(that I love)…it can be a very difficult moment to truly embrace.

However, I’m killing my curiosity and living out my dreams. I could leave this earth tomorrow and truly rest in PEACE because I am so grateful. I truly believe we are put on this earth to evolve and serve. I continuously ask myself… can you be better than you were on yesterday? And are you passionate about the service you are doing right NOW? And my answer is YES!……

Love and happiness come as a result of you doing what you were put on earth to do. And I think it’s important to recognize that love and happiness comes in many forms. A person just needs to be open to receiving it…… SELF do yourself a favor and continue to just let life lead this dance. Follow your heart fearlessly because ultimately you know you are going to be okay. You were put on this earth to do a service. More importantly upon your departure your legacy will live on. Your legacy will continue to be one that speaks to people changing their fears into curiosity and living out their greatest dreams.

Consider these thoughts organized….now LET…..THEM…..GO!


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I am so thankful for each day I get to open my eyes and take in a breath of fresh air.


As I reflect on my 31 years of living……I sip on this satisfying glass of Chardonnay, take in a deep breath of air, kick up my feet…throw my head back and let the following words, “thank you”……. dance down the walkway of my tongue, and through the tunnel of my lips………..


Out into the physical space of my villa these two words dance around the room and then propel up towards the infinite space that envelopes our global community………


I sit comfortably on my couch grinning at my reflection in my living room window because I know the alcohol is beginning to invade my blood stream….


But suddenly life stops for a split second and ALL becomes clearer. I receive a thought of knowing that I am EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be.


I put my glass of wine onto the table, stand up and suddenly feel the urge to dance with life …….because today is a celebration!


As I embrace my thirty first year of living……I invite life to lead this next dance into year thirty two.


Raise your glasses folks!…..CHEERS!


Here’s to letting our individual journeys unfold.



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Birthday Realness….

As thirty two approaches, I have been thinking a lot about a birthday wish for myself. It doesn’t look like I’ll have a cake, presents or birthday cards this year but I’m okay with that. Living in a very remote location doesn’t make it easy for people to send me things and I’m not expecting anything from the few friends I’ve made here because we cool…but we ain’t cool cool.

Honestly, I really do not need any THING. As I physically get older and my spirit gets wiser, I find myself becoming less attached to STUFF. One of my favorite authors (Wayne Dyer) talks about how he keeps a suit with no pockets in the back of his closet. People often ask him why, and he simply says that when he transitions into the afterlife…the suit in which they bury him needs no pockets because it’s not like he will be taking any THING with him. Lol. Now that’s keeping it one hundred (REAL)!

So I come back to my birthday wish. What is it that I want or need? It’s actually quite simple. I WANT for my family, friends, and myself to live our best lives without any regrets. I NEED for each of us to take care of ourselves thus affording us good health. Lastly, I affirm that we will continue to support and love one another (UNCONDITIONALLY) as we move along our unique life experiences. And so it is!


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Thirty years of curiosity…..


Thirty years of curiosity

One day a teenage boy decides to take a walk along Third Street in a small town known as Newport, RI…..why? Well…..he was feeling lost and confused.

He feels very alone and struggles with fitting into a social group and has no strong sense of self-identity. He ponders many thoughts including: “Who am I? Why am I here? Why don’t I fit in? What’s next? Why don’t I like myself? Why am I so different?” He becomes overwhelmed by negative thoughts….. that target everything he perceives to be wrong in his life.

He distracts his mind by immersing himself into his academic studies and extracurricular activities. He recognizes that the love he receives from his mother, family and friends help saturate the internal struggle that festers deep beneath the smile that is painted onto his face. He feels lost. He feels confined. He feels like a big city boy craving to break free of the small town mentality. He begins to surround himself with other unique individuals who just don’t quite fit into the social normalcies that are spoon fed into our mouths by the world. He draws from each of their unique qualities and begins to celebrate his own differences. He finds the courage to begin walking the unconventional path to which many would and still do not understand. He begins to learn how to stand WITH and FOR himself. He works on proceeding confidently through life with a sound faith system that will continue (30 years later) to serve as his internal GPS system.

Throughout his youth……..he has wanted to sing……shout and scream until the words cried out. However, he never knew how to articulate his struggle. You see when your mind is filled with so much chatter…..EVERYTHING is wrong? He couldn’t name it…let alone ask someone for support. All he could do was BE with his emotions and work through them. And that is EXACTLY what he did!

What made this possible is the unconditional love and support he had received from his mom, family and friends. They are a reflection of him….as He is of them. To this day…without any of them…..he doesn’t know where he would be.

I am that teenager and 31 years later I am finally able to articulate the war that was raging within me. If I could go back in time and have a conversation with that 15-year-old boy….I would drive up to him on Third Street in my current Chevy, Cruz. I would point to the Dubai plates…… just so he could affirm his curiosity and witness the fruits of his hard labor to come…………and I’d say these words:

“Start loving yourself……until then you will remain stagnant…….life is waiting for you!”

I would drive off, make a U-Turn and as I slowly pass by my 15-year-old self for a second time….I’d scream out the window:

“You are special Anthony………Continue to be curious and start believing in yourself my friend. I love you…now start loving yourself!”

As the Chevy would drive away…..that 15 year old teenager would pull his shoulders back, raise his chin up and wrap his arms around himself. He would stare off into the sky…..and for the first time see beyond the clouds….. thinking to himself…Dubai? Where the heck is that?…..Wow!….. :0). He runs home…..(flat feet and all) grabs a sheet of paper and draws a big cloud.

He cuts out the cloud and with a marker writes the following phrase: THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT….DREAM BIG and LOVE YOURSELF!

He’d tape the cloud onto his mirror and for a split second he catches a glimpse of his 30-year-old face looking back at him in the mirror mouthing “I love you.” For the first time he begins to see things CLEARLY….The internal battle of love would finally cease!


If there’s one lesson I have learned in thirty years…it is taking the time to really love yourself. And I’m not talking about your physical self and how good you look in them jeans! Lol. I’m talking about internal and unconditional love of your spirit self.

SELF………I love you and your unique qualities are what make you so special. Continue to inspire and continue to live on purpose! Happy early birthday. ;0)

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Gentle Reminder…… ;0)

Wake up and live on purpose!


How? Well…….Change your fears into curiosity and walk confidently into the direction of the unknown.


Trust that your SOURCE will lead you on a JOURNEY filled with purposeful opportunities.


Remember, we are here for TWO reasons: To GROW and to SERVE.


At the end of our lives all the other STUFF will not matter.


GROWTH and SERVICE will afford you authentic LOVE and true HAPPINESS. :0)



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